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    Following the approval of our Service "Scope of Work" Proposal and the signing of a "Consulting Agreement" Gibson Consulting Group utilizes a highly effective, results-oriented Overhead Expense Reduction System to maximize the cost savings for your business, which includes the following:

  • A thorough audit of all pertinent vendor invoices/contracts, accounts payable, purchasing, etc. (We hold all of your information in the strictest confidence!)
  • Purchasing procedures and detailed cost analysis of the selected services/areas.
  • "Request for Proposals" from current, and new vendors prior to negotiating final service, price, and other contract terms.
  • Interim Project Reports and meetings with appropriate staff/support, administrative, purchasing and management personnel.
  • Final Project Reports and Recommendations detailing all areas where significant cost savings were discovered-without sacrificing quality or service.
  • Successful Implementation --- we make the savings we find a reality by assisting with full implementation of all recommendations.
  • Cost Saving Documentation is done on a monthly basis to verify
    cost savings.

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Special Consideration will be exercised during the project analysis period to limit interruption to a Clients business operation.

*Our System varies based upon the area(s) that are being analyzed.

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