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As a current or potential vendor to one of our Clients, large or small, you are important - both to our Client and to us.

Because Gibson Consulting Group values our relationship with you, we feel it is important to explain our role as Expense Reduction Specialists, and how we can work together to better serve our Clients.

American Businesses' Number 1 Problem Today

It's not foreign competition...not taxes...not even Washington's regulation.

You see it referred to in business magazines everywhere: The biggest problem facing American businesses today is maintaining bottom-line profits.

Caught between skyrocketing expenses and stagnant revenues, most businesses are clamped in a profit squeeze.

Even in well-managed companies, costs have a tendency to creep up with the passage of time. And it's not all due to inflation.

When the problem becomes serious enough, companies first try to solve it on their own. They reduce the payroll, cut back travel and entertainment and scrutinize budgets in an effort to eliminate unnecessary expenses. But despite how "lean and mean" they may make the company, these measures are seldom far reaching enough to achieve the necessary results.

More and more, heads of businesses are reaching the conclusion that the problem of containing costs is best solved by outside experts with specialized knowledge in such areas as: service auditing, contract negotiating, and purchasing/material management skills.

That's where Gibson Consulting Group comes in!

Who We Are And What We Do

Gibson Consulting Group is a independent management consulting firm specializing in helping corporations and professional firms, including profit and non-profit organizations reduce overhead through purchasing problems solving, service auditing, and procurement/material management solutions. We use state-of-the-art methods to help Clients significantly improve their profits.

In addition to our internal staff, Gibson Consulting Group may sometimes utilize Independent Experts in certain areas to enhance and complement our total services, as well as assist our firm with the completion of Client engagements on a timely basis. Our combined team of experts represents over 125 years of total operational business experience!

Why We Are Effective

Gibson Consulting Group's main goal is to make our Clients more profitable! We accomplish this by helping them reduce overhead expense. We work closely with their people to accomplish this. However, since we are outside consultants, we come to the task with an open mind. We often see things their internal staff may overlook.

Our Working Relationship With Vendors

Gibson Consulting Group views our relationship with vendors as a "Win-Win" situation - one that can develop into a mutually beneficial business partnership.

After we analyze our Client's overhead expense areas, a representative authorized by our company will contact you, the vendor, to provide information and pricing on the particular product or service we are evaluating. We will provide you with a complete description and specifications. It is important that we compare "apples with apples" on product, price, quality, and service. We look to you, the vendor, for your expertise.

We will ask for a written quotation asking for complete description, product/service, price, terms and conditions, and expect a timely response.

We look forward to receiving your best quotation on our first request for that particular Client.

In accordance with the Consulting Agreement with our Clients, all communications regarding the respective project under contract should be directed to our firm not the Client!

Our Mutual Agreement With Vendors

Confidentiality is very important to us from all parties involved in a project. Our Clients' data, vendor's prices and information, including material and information pertaining to our firm's business operation, is expected to remain confidential.

We select vendors because of the price, quality of product and service they provide to our Clients. We thank vendors for their consistency and reliability by recommending them to other Clients.

Vendors who are selected to work with our Clients, and learn our Client's names, make contact only when we provide the introduction. In this way, professional respect for all parties is insured.

To sum it up, we are "matchmakers". We recommend the best possible prices, quality and services to our Clients, and enable vendors to expand and better their businesses.

We at Gibson Consulting Group look forward to working with you in the near future and welcome the opportunity to answer any additional questions concerning our firm.

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