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Are you involved in cutting costs? If not, you should give it serious consideration. Overhead is a silent killer -- of profits. Experience has shown that, over time, overhead always goes up as a percentage of revenues; it never gets smaller on its own. This statement is especially true today when considering telecommunications and energy expenditures for businesses of all types and sizes!

Reducing overhead expenditures can effectively and immediately improve your business's profitability. In addition, cost cutting uses a lot less cash and can have a more favorable impact on your company's " bottom line" than trying to increase sales.

It is important to note, increasing sales almost always requires new working capital, increased accounts receivables and reserves, more space and equipment, new labor and more debt. Increased revenues cost money; reducing overhead costs nothing.

Based upon 125+ years of combined experience the G ibson Consulting Group Team has the ability and proven track record to provide Telecommunications and Energy “ cost savings/profit enhancement” solutions for your company!


Cost Savings vs. Additional Sales

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