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Energy Management Advisors (EMA) provides unbiased energy expense reduction consulting services and custom energy management solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.


Custom Energy Management

All of the services provided by EMA through the UTILI-SERV ™ Management Program support Best Practices for Energy Management as defined by the Energy Star Program.


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Energy Cost Reduction Services

The primary goal of all services provided by Energy Management Advisors is to reduce the energy costs for our Clients through precise and proven methods that result in “hard dollar” savings.


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Energy Efficiency

With our versatile energy auditing services, targets for energy efficiency are identified in buildings, resulting in measurable cost savings with low, or no cost changes for many projects.


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Financial Institutions/Banks

EMA/ Gibson Consulting Group, LLC specializes in providing our Energy Cost Reduction Services to Financial Institutions and Banks with a significant level of documented success.


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In The News

Does your bank have an effective energy management program to reduce energy costs both now and into the future? Monthly energy costs continue to add up and increase each year.


Energy deregulation has allowed businesses today the opportunity to reduce their energy costs. However, the savings obtained through deregulation usually ends when the energy supply contract expires.