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Custom Energy Management Program


The UTILI-SERV ™ Management Program is the most effective way for multi-location entities to maintain overall, long-term service continuity, integrity, and cost control in the energy/utility services. This comprehensive energy management program provides unbiased and ongoing monitoring of all energy service and expenditures resulting in long-term cost control in this continuously changing and complex area and supports “Best Practices for Energy Management” as defined by the Energy Star Program.

Many multi-location entities today routinely wade through stacks of utility and energy-related service invoices from many different Service Providers on a monthly basis attempting to determine tariff or contract pricing accuracy and identify potential errors. In most cases, only obvious problems and errors are identified, with many of these discrepancies going unnoticed for many years costing businesses a significant amount of money in utility and energy overpayments.

For most companies, ongoing energy and utility service and billing problems are directly related to a reduced, or overextended internal staff that is unable to devote the time necessary to effectively monitor day to day energy and utility services and expenditures. This includes identifying and correcting errors, as well as evaluating and comparing new services, reviewing complex Tariffs, Riders and alternative supply contracts available through energy deregulation, and then determining which of these is the most cost-effective and reliable for their company.

Reliable and cost-effective energy and utility services continue to be integral components in the successful operation of all multi-location entities today!

To address the issues mentioned above for multi-location entities Energy Management Advisors has developed and provides a number of specialized services as part of the UTILI-SERV ™ Management Program that are detailed below.

Important benefits available through the UTILI-SERV ™ Management Program are as follows:

  • Documented “Hard Dollar” Energy Cost Savings
  • Precise Energy Contract Pricing Compliance
  • Ensured Utility/Service Provider Billing Accuracy
  • Reduced Internal Invoice Processing Costs
  • Identified Cost-Effective Energy Efficient Service Options
  • Verified Return-On-Investment (ROI) For Services Provided

The key component of the UTILI-SERV ™ Management Program is the complex database software program. This program allows Energy Management Advisors to provide comprehensive tracking and reporting of all energy and utility service expenditures incurred by multi-location companies.

This database program has been customized by Energy Management Advisors to address the specific energy and utility cost control requirements of our Clients.

Base services provided and additional services available under the UTILI-SERV ™ Management Program include the following:

  • Develop/prepare custom program database
  • Identification/correction of service/billing errors (Initial & Ongoing Utility Invoice/Tariff Services Audit)
  • Preparation of each location’s utility/energy load usage/data
  • Aggregation, or the combining of utility/energy load data with other Clients’ load data specific to energy deregulation opportunities
  • Identifying/contacting energy suppliers, preparing RFQ’s when necessary
  • Energy Audit services provided to determine energy efficiency opportunities
  • Analysis of received service/price Proposals, as well as Contract/price negotiations with Service Providers
  • Cost and usage exception identification review/reporting
  • Annual budget forecasting/comparison analysis
  • Provide contract/other recommendations
  • Invoices monitored for contract compliance and cost savings identification
  • Estimated Market vs.Tariff Cost Avoidance Savings identified and documented for locations not on a Contract
  • Manage “Energy Cost Risk” for Client
  • Monthly CD or Electronic Program Reporting Provided
  • 24/7 On-Line Energy Reporting Service (www.utiliservonline.com)

All services provided through the UTILI-SERV ™ Management Program support Best Practices for Energy Management. As an approved Energy Star Partner through EPA, and a Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), including an approved Pennsylvania PUC Conservation Service Provider (CSP), Energy Management Advisors/Gibson Consulting Group, LLC has access to many tools related to Best Practices for Energy Management.

Shown below are seven Guidelines that Energy Star recommends for developing a successful Energy Management Program and how they correspond to services provided by Energy Management Advisors through the UTILI-SERV ™ Management Program.

Energy Star Guidelines UTILI-SERV ™ Management Program
Make Commitment
Develop Energy Policy/Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team Members are committed
to our clients
Assess Performance
Data Collection/Management/Analysis/Benchmark
Services to assess performance are completed daily/monthly as required
Set Goals
Time Parameters/Estimate Potential Improvement
Potential Savings of Projects/Contracts is provided
Create Action Plan
Define Steps/Targets/Roles/Resources
Locations/service areas are identified
for savings potential (Audit)
Implement Action Plan
Reporting is provided monthly includes
charts and graphs
Evaluate Progress
Measure Results/Review Plan/Portfolio Manager
Documentation of savings is provided monthly
Recognize Achievements
Internal/External/Energy Star Award
Through Energy Star Portfolio Manager buildings
can be Energy Star approved