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Energy Reduction / Efficiency

Energy Management Advisors – Energy Star Partner & Pennsylvania P.U.C. Conservation Service Provider

 Effective management of energy consuming systems in businesses today can lead to significant cost and energy savings as well as increasing comfort, lowering maintenance costs, and extending equipment life. 

With unstable energy market price conditions, the need for businesses to manage these areas more effectively is no longer a choice but a necessity!

Energy Management Advisors (EMA) has the knowledge and experience to effectively assist Clients in reducing energy consumption resulting in lower total energy costs through the services detailed below:

Energy Audit Services > Primary Energy Efficiency Services (detailed below)
Energy Cost per square foot Targeting > Available 24/7 – EMA On-Line Energy Reporting Service
Demand Side Response Programs > Voluntary Electric Curtailment = Receive Money
Utility Rebate Programs                > Reduced Product Cost For Completing Upgrades   
Grant Programs > Free Money Available From Federal/State Agencies
Federal Tax Credit > Reduction In Taxes with Energy Efficiency Projects
Lighting Retrofits > T-12 Bulbs to T-8 or T-5 – Low Cost – Short Payback
Energy Engineering > Custom Energy Efficiency Projects
Renewable Energy Options > Energy Savings through Green Power Options

Energy Audit Services

 A successful Energy Management Program for businesses includes professional and comprehensive Energy Audit Services provided by Energy Management Advisors (EMA).   Detailed below are the Energy Audit Services that EMA provides:  

 Energy Star Portfolio Manager

 As an Energy Star Partner, EMA/Gibson Consulting Group, LLC provides the Energy Star Portfolio Manager to determine a building’s Energy Star performance rating.  Portfolio Manager is an initial energy management tool that EMA/Gibson Consulting Group, LLC utilizes to assist our Clients in determining energy efficiency investment priorities, identifying under-performing buildings, and verifying energy efficiency improvements, including the possibility of receiving EPA recognition for superior energy performance in their buildings through an Energy Star Rating. A rating of 75 or above qualifies for Energy Star status.   

Energy Benchmarking Audit 

This audit includes an evaluation of facility energy consumption/usage data and energy costs. This low-cost audit can yield estimates of savings potential and a list of “high value” cost savings opportunities through improvements in operational and maintenance practices. It provides comparisons with industry averages, or benchmarks, for similar facilities. This type of audit does not require the completion of an actual on-site inspection. Information obtained through this audit may be used as part of a more detailed On-Site Energy Audit if the potential cost savings identified warrants further investigation.

Facility Energy Efficiency Assessment

Unlike a more comprehensive On-Site Energy Audit, a Facility Energy Efficiency Assessment or “walk- through audit” provides an initial cursory review of a building to identify potential low cost or no cost energy efficiency changes that can be made to immediately lower energy usage and costs.  Potential targets are those areas or equipment that for some reason have been overlooked or missed in the past as possible energy cost savings opportunities.

On-Site Energy Audit 

This is a more complex audit that requires an on-site inspection of the facility to quantify energy uses and losses through a review and analysis of equipment systems, operational characteristics, and measurements and testing. Standard energy calculations are used to analyze efficiencies to determine energy and estimated cost savings based upon improvements and changes to the current systems. Information obtained through the previous Energy Benchmarking Audit can be utilized as part of the On-Site Energy Audit.  Recommendations for specific energy efficiency changes/upgrades are presented for consideration following completion of this audit.