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July 30, 2012 – Gibson Consulting Group, LLC Announces A New Division, Energy Management Advisors

Gibson Consulting Group, LLC is pleased to announce the formation of a new operating division, Energy Management Advisors, or EMA.  All energy/utility consulting and management services that were previously provided by Gibson Consulting Group will now be provided by Energy Management Advisors. All other services currently provided by Gibson Consulting Group, LLC such as telecommunications consulting, auditing and management services, as well as other expense reduction service areas will continue to be provided through Gibson Consulting Group, LLC. 

Discussions regarding the formation of a separate division that focused specifically on energy services have been on-going for the past year.  Recently a decision was made to move forward with the separate division because energy/utility consulting and management services have become a primary service area for Gibson Consulting Group, LLC over the past 5 years, with these services continuing to grow.  Through Energy Management Advisors (EMA), enhanced and new services will be developed and provided that will benefit our Clients by continuing to reduce their total energy costs.

 In addition to those energy services previously provided by Gibson Consulting Group, LLC, listed below are a number of new service enhancements that Energy Management Advisors (EMA) is now providing,  or will be developing and offering in the near future: 

  • Expanding the On-Line Energy Reporting Service Web-Site
  • Developing new interactive Web-Site for EMA
  • Enhancing current invoice approval/processing services
  • Providing additional on-site energy auditing services
  • Expanding energy/facility engineering services
  • Offering energy project budgeting assistance
  • Providing energy marketing/brokering services
  • Additional energy cost savings options  

Gibson Consulting Group, LLC is excited about this change as we transform the operational face of our energy consulting and management services business to Energy Management Advisors (EMA).  Go to www.emadivision.com for more information.


About Gibson Consulting Group, LLC

 Gibson Consulting Group, LLC, an independent management consulting firm,  was formed in 1993 providing expense reduction consulting and management services to businesses in multiple operational cost areas and specializing in telecommunications and energy/utility services.   Markets served by Gibson Consulting Group, LLC include: financial/banking, distribution,  resort/hospitality,  food service, healthcare, education, retail and manufacturing.  Custom proprietary telecommunications and energy auditing/management programs have been developed that have provided significant documented cost savings for businesses served by Gibson Consulting Group, LLC.   Go to www.gibsonconsultants.com for more information.


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